The levels of treatment

The process of industrial water treatment is an action that can be divided into several pha-ses, or levels.

Scope of Our Activities



  • Sites visit and analyse of problems
  • Diagnostics
  • Propositions and audit solutions
  • Optimization of technical and economical performance of every system using or producing water 
  • Customized client monitoring
  • Responsiveness and guaranteed results


          Scope of intervention :

  • Open Circuits: sea water, petrochemical plants, gas liquefaction, thermal power plants
  • Semi-Open Circuits : chemical, petrochemical, steel industry, paper industry.
  • Closed Circuits  : chemical, petrochemical, steel industry, paper industry.

Treatment process





  • Osmose inverse treatment 
  • Treatment of cooling systems
  • Water treatment of boilers
  • Treatment of water in WWTP
  • Treatment by biotechnological process
  •  Water Treatment for housing and tertiary sector sites 
  • Treatment of membrane processes of water purification