Why Choose Us


—France-Water (FW) is an independent water and wastewater management consulting firm. FW produces not chemicals and equipments only. unbiased, professional consulting services. FW has provided value-added consulting services that benefit our clients by using Water Treatment Technologies to turn Problems Situations into Money-Saving Opportunities.


Our expertise in different sectors of activity enables us to propose programs for global water treatment as well as unique and innovative service which are adapted to the need of our clients.

  • —Higher Productivity
  • —Maximum Energy Efficiency
  • —Design Heat Transfer Restoration
  • —Capital cost Avoidance
  • —Lower Water Usage and Cost (Water Conservation and Reuse Water)
  • —Lower Costs for Water Conditioning and Chemical Treatment

  • Geographical mobility (Europe, Africa, Middle East)
  • Quick intervention
  • Installation, treatment and monitoring
  • After-sales service performed by a dynamic team
  • Specific services at the request of clients
  • Certificates of conformity according to European Standards (EN)

Who We Are?

expertise water treatment

Our society

France-Water is a French company based in Paris specialized in engineering and water treatment. Result of the expertise of experienced engineers, the French Corporation offers a set of tools, equipments and water treatment technologies in order to guarantee a high quality service.

With France-Water, a direct access to the best of the french experts (more than 30 years experience) in the area of the industrial water treatment and the water production.— France-Water (FW) is an independent water and wastewater management consulting firm. FW produces not chemicals and equipments only.


With its expertise and engineering, France-Water works daily with you, for the preservation of resources and the environment. Expertise and experience, biotechnology and green products, modern equipment approved, will be the triptych of our action.

France-Water offers you an everyday assistance. Expertise, experience, biotechnology, ecological products and modern Equipment will be the core of our action.

Our missions

In this context of resources depletion, France-Water has focused its environmental policy on the recycling process. Ultimately, this action aims to minimize the drain of new water resources by recycling wastewater. According to your industrial activity, we adapt the method of reused water :

    • Membrane filtration
    • Ozone desinfection
    • UV desinfection
    • Desinfection by filtration
    • and more...
Because of the preservation of natural resources is the challenge of the future, the development should fit into a constant process of progress, innovation , environmental protection but also by the respect for the ecosystem. It is through these various approaches that France Water acts now in order prepare for the future.